The List

Oh the list.  Nothing more to it than the 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  They will be crossed off the list periodically…lets hope they all do in the next, 365 days!

1.  Leave the country…for a vacation
2.  Spend an entire day hiking somewhere new
3. Eat a 5 course meal
4. Go to a fancy club
5. Ride on a horse
6. Get the job I really want
7. Trap hawks and/or hummingbirds
8. Visit Big Sur
9. Get hummingbird tattoo
10. Go to four different church services
11. Spend an entire day baking…and surprise someone with the goodies.
12. Travel every chance I get
13. Celebrate New Years Eve 2014 with a bang
14. Run a marathon
15. Dine alone
16. Move to a new city
17. Sleep under the stars
18. Go to a major sporting event
19. Volunteer somewhere
20. Get my fortune read
21.  Learn to drive a stick shift
22.  Host a dinner party
23. Spend more time with friends
24. Surf
25. Make a dramatic physical change (not weight related, obvi)
26. Hike a mountain
27. Sit somewhere public and alone for a few hours
28. Wear a deep/rich lipstick color for a day
29. Own a beautiful tie…to save and give to a man some day.
30. Paint something

And for good measure…
31. Go to a bar alone and drink something fancy
32. Visit Ascher Cliff, Switzerland


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