#15: Dinner Alone

This kind of happened on a whim and until I said, “For one” did I realize I was about to cross off another thing of my list.  I did something else tonight that had me nervous as all get up, but I did it and it ended well. I’ll go into that later. First, my meal!

I ended up in downtown Burbank tonight and having never been here, got a suggestion where I should eat. Granville was definitely a great suggestion and I went all out.



Started off with a brown from somewhere in California that tasted divine after the week I have had. And since it was still happy hour, I skimped on dinner so I could make room for dessert.  Because what is an accomplishment without a reward?



Delicious sweet potato fries and a vegetarian butternut squash soup. I could have easily stopped there because I was full but I figured what the hell, I should go big or go home. Sooooo… Chocolate cake anyone?!


I ate the whole damn thing, my waiter and table neighbors were impressed… And now I’m about to burst. But, #15 knocked off the books. Another will happen Monday that I’m totally stoked for.

But let me backtrack a little bit about why I chose this as something to do.  I feel like in today’s day and age with technology were are always so connected. We always have to be with someone, or doing something; basically we have to be busy all the time. What happened to appreciating the moments we have alone and taking in our surroundings?

For years I believed that any time I was alone, no matter what I was doing, it gave someone a picture about me, or allowed them to judge me in a way I didn’t want to be judged.  So I always made sure that I was with someone else or looked busy, because otherwise I would be deemed a loner, let alone loser and not worthy of someone’s time or friendship. Harsh, but true.  So I avoided all things social where I might be alone and instead played the hermit card at home and let that be that.


But this year has been about getting out and truthfully, as much as I would like someone else to be there with me as I go on a lot of my adventures, they are just as amazing and fun being done alone.  And sometimes being alone allows me to see things in a different light than I would if I had had another person there to disrupt me.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times pep talks have occurred while out on my own on the crazy adventures I have been on in the past half of a year since my life changed so much.

So as crazy as it seems, this event occurred just after I sought out the company of another, someone I found through a dating app.  I have done the internet dating thing before so I know kind of how it goes, but 5 years later, with the age that I’m at and they’re at, perspectives are so different, and very interesting…which has left me up very late into the night thinking about how people are going about their lives these days and how things are perceived through different avenues of social media.

Only time will tell…


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