The Last Year in my 20’s.

I never thought I would see this as a huge thing, turning 30.  Well, I guess maybe I should have, because nothing I had planned since I turned 18 has happened.  And when I say nothing, I mean nothing.  But that’s kind of how life goes…never according to plan.  Try as hard as you might and it will probably go the exact opposite of that.  Enter…story of my life.

Anyhow I have created this blog because I quit my old one and needed something new to focus on.  I might bring in some of the older aspects but really this thing will be about THE LIST, and just about my life and reflections on the past…29 years leading into the 30th. I’ll talk in detail why each of the 30 things were chosen and their significance, or maybe that there is no meaning and just random.  You’ll find it.

But my friends enjoy, I’m glad you’re on this journey with me and we’ll see how it goes.  And if you want to help, feel free. I’m down for some adventure!


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